Kathleen Stern (born 1951)

After thirty years in the practice of ophthalmology, I retired in 2008.  Although clinical medicine had been a source of satisfaction to me for many years, the untimely passing of our younger son Alan goaded me to look for new sources of meaning.  I had had a long-standing love affair with visual effects-color, luminosity, shape, line-and yearned to use these to express my inner world.

I have been fortunate to find wonderful teachers (see influences) whose classes, workshops and books have helped me explore the world of painting; in addition to those I listed in other sections, I am indebted to Anne Enochs and Nancy Cheairs for their advice and encouragement.

Memphis is rich in working artists whose talent and generosity are beyond compare; my friends and colleagues are supportive and inspiring. Each day, I travel from my eleventh floor apartment overlooking the Mississippi River to my studio on the seventh floor.  The river is endlessly fascinating: its currents make even the most deceptively placid surface complex, unpredictable, dangerous.

My work is dedicated to my family, especially my husband David, our departed son Alan, our son  Eric, Eric’s wife Kathleen and their adorable daughters Addie and Rosemary.  My husband is my patron and greatest fan, which is reassuring on the days when my artistic muse is on holiday.